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This page is on the old video game music playing show, which aired infrequent Mondays until I left Loughborough in June 2008. It was on 8-10PM, and was accessed on LCR’s website, or in Loughborough on 1350AM radio.

I uploaded the recording of each show here so you can listen to it after it’s been completed, in OGG and MP3 format. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear another show, and I just might go ahead and do an internet-only one, chock full of great game music!

A small 2011 update: I’ve removed the Ogg versions from the site (and for some reason didn’t have the MP3s online for ages; not that anyone really noticed). I’ve still got the Ogg versions available; just the initial ones were mono anyway so much lower quality (my bad!), and later ones I should have recompressed a bit more to be in line with MP3 sizes.

Latest Show

The final Video Game Music Show! I might do this again if I have time on my computer, or find some online radio station which plays music tracks to go on, but most likely this will be my last show ever. An hours worth of great tracks, from Super Mario 64, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Star Wars: Republic Commando, Perfect Dark: Zero, and a good few others!

Download Latest Show

Download the show in MP3 (56 MB, 128Kbps) format, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.

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