Guess the Sound Quiz!

Guess The Sound Quiz!

This is my entry in the February 2008 Roundtable, a bit different from a typical discussion or post. I’m doing this in the spirit of not having any audio experience, apart from knowing a few choice sound effects 🙂 I’m going for more recent games I know¹, so if you want some vintage, I suggest this quiz, in all its flash glory. Now on with the entertainment…

Thaaaaat’s right! Welcome to Guess the Sound!

This is your opportunity for winning fame, fortune² and accolades from the crowd, for guessing what game each game sound come from!

Make your way to round 1 to start the quiz!

¹ If you feel this is a bit PC biased, unfair, or otherwise too easy/hard, I can’t do much better since I only own PC games 🙂 and if you want to make your own, I’d love to listen to them too 😉

² Fame and fortune requires winning lottery ticket. Lottery ticket not provided.

(If the sounds don’t play, reloading the page or you can download the sound files in a zip archive to listen to).

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