Video Game Music Show – 21/04/2008

After a four week hiatus, we have another Video Game Music Show on our hands! This week it features a large variety of music, and has a third of the show dedicated to the recently released Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix tracks of classic games. Other favourites (which are downloadable) I got to play include Cave Story music (Huzzah!), and You Have To Burn The Rope credits track “Now You’re a Hero” by Reachground. I also played some random tracks from Timesplitters 2, Warcraft II and III, Sim City 2000 and many others!

Note: The sound is incredibly loud this time and clips several times. I didn’t do a pre-check since I started late, and the computers output sound was higher then usual annoyingly. It is still pretty fine if you turn it down a bit 🙂


Download the show in MP3 (93MB, 128Kbps) format.


Show 2008_04_21

Start time: 20:30

Balrog’s Theme, Cave Story Main Theme (Cave Story)
Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya (Download, Authors Site)

Bonus Track “Medieval Man” (Warcraft II)
Glen Stafford
Credits Theme (Warcraft III)
Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Glenn Stafford (Not sure which specifically)

Anaconda (Timesplitters 2)
Graeme Norgate (all of the Timesplitter series music can be downloaded)

Jungle Garden (Donkey Kong Country) (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
By Shogo Sakai

City of Jerusalem (Assassins Creed)
Masyaf In Danger
Jesper Kyd

Now You’re a Hero (You Have To Burn The Rope)
Reachground (Song download)

CoD4 Gun Sounds
Serpento (Youtube video, although it is low quality sound!)

Ballard of Black Mesa
Lit Fuse Films (Download/watch the video, which is a funny watch too 🙂 )

White Room & Main Title (Hitman Contracts)
Jesper Kyd

SimCit Segue (Sim City 2000)
Disaster Decision
Brian Conrad, Sue Kasper, Justin McCormik

No More Heroes (No More Heroes)
Masafumi Takada

Credits (English) God Hand
Clover Studio (Yes, this is as specific as I can get). You might like the video too – one-of-the best-credits-sequences-ever! (wait for 1:39…)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl half-hour fun time!

I went a bit over the hour playing these. Since they are so varied, typically look up the original game to find the “Composer” while with these remixes, the credit seems to go to “Various Artists” since I don’t have the game/manual to check out.

Type A (Tetris)
Overworld (Super Mario Bros.)
Zelda Main Theme (Legend of Zelda)
Ashley’s Song (WarioWare – Touched!)
Title Theme (Animal Crossing – Wild Worlds)
Main Theme (Star Fox)
Brinstar Remix (with Words) (Metroid Prime Pinball)
Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)
Remix of Credits from Smash 64

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