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Battling WordPress and Gallery Software

I’m still looking at Gallery2 replacements, I suspect I’ll be summarising what I think of the ones I’m checking out (since I need it to work on this webserver setup, I do do some of the testing live, so hooray for random links appearing 😉 ). I’ve got some links to follow up from my hosts’ forums, and specifically am looking for 3 things – automatic page creation and allowing gallery subpages, thumbnails available for WordPress posts and that it works properly with WordPress 2.8. If anyone does use one, give me a shout which it is. I’m going to retest NextGEN which is the most well known WordPress one (despite its, to me, seemingly highly beta status), then move onto other solutions. The battle began with me basically reinstalling the latest WordPress and fixing it’s own internal gallery upload system (the flash bit failed to work until I used the internal SSL admin side, rather then the AdminSSL plugin for instance). I won’t back down now, even though this is taking forever. In the mean time I’ll use Gallery2 to upload bits and pieces, and wait to get around to my notes from Brighton with associated pictures.

It’s never easy, is it? Hopefully this might help someone else who wants a good bit of gallery software so they don’t have to use the admittedly-nice-looking Flickr or somesuch, since I do certainly want to self-host these images, and not rely on things like “term of use” and “ownership rights”, sigh.

The Problem With Account Names

Mini rant incoming! Microsoft are, quite frankly, pathetic. Unlike Steam, which allows you to set your friend name independent of your account name (which might as well be an email account, since it doesn’t automatically create any URL’s or display it anywhere), Microsoft’s Live system has the audacity to make the front end name displayed to people exactly the same as your login name.

Then charges 800 points, £6.85, to change it to something else.

Sucks if you want clan names. Also it’s limited to 13 characters (what an arbitrary amount). My Steam account name “Finaldeath” is taken, so fair enough, I’m now Awesomestrong on that, and stuck as it, unless I want to pony up cash to change it. Shame I never joined the service however many years ago when it started, so I could choose my normal nickname or a decent variant on it.

I wonder how many original non-postfix-number names are out there. 13 character’s isn’t a lot to work with. I just think they’re idiots for not allowing you to change your friend’s name frankly, it’s such a small thing and yet they really annoyed me doing it this way.