I’m Andrew Armstrong – you can contact me by email, at: andrew -at- aarmstrong -dot- org

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  1. Hi Andrew:

    I see your massive batch for ZIp’s and RAR’s. Very Good.

    I have the same problem with the files from usenet and the 8char denomination.

    I have a batch with clean the zip’s and full rename with the DIZ name included in the release, I use Funduc Search Replace to find and delete the know characters.

  2. Hello there
    Please help me with some issues for Company of heroes i saw this link on relicnews forum
    , i tried the forum but could not come up with any answers maybe i did not look at the right place

    I dowloaded various sga maps. When i go thru the Coh launcher and click on the sga map i want to play in skirmish mode the game starts OK and goes to the main menu of the game, at that point when i choose skirmish mode and go to the map i want to play i dont see any of the sga maps i downloaded!!!.
    All the sga map are placed in a folder named “maps” as the instructions say but unfortunately i only see the regular maps the game offers

    what am i doing wrong???

    please heeeeeeeeelp
    thank you


  3. So this is interesting. Another Andrew Armstrong in the computer science field. Small world? Was bored and googled myself, found your website and thought I may have accidentally found a blog from an alternate version of myself.

  4. Lucky Day here. You did a custom for me once on Jasperre’s AI.

    Three or four of us are talking about using it again on the NWVault Discord server and updating it for EE. Have you looked at that at all?

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