This will be details of all the work that’s worth putting up on my site – I like to keep a record of stuff I’ve got up since university, so not all of this is available on the web. I’ll likely sort this out more and divide it up once I get too much to post.

Game Industry Filming

I’m filming and editing what UK videogame industry events I can make – a handy use of the camera’s available at my union. Among these, I have been to Nevermind the Polygons, the London Game Career Fair and GameCity. This work will decrease after University since I won’t have access to the equipment readily and my time will be much more limited, although I still have plenty to finish, at least from a preservation perspective.

Find more information about this on my filming page.


AI Game Contributor/Moderator

I am working at Alex JC’s site for video game AI, infrequently contributing to the main site in the form of whitepaper writeups, and moderating the forums. I am also helping with side projects of the site – such as the wiki.


IGDA Preservation SIG and Internet Archive work

The IGDA is pretty great, and they have special interest groups for interested people. Preservation is a really really important area of the games industry, and even as a student I can help a great deal. I’ve joined, and become wiki and blog editor of the IGDA Preservation SIG, and am working on uploading content to the Internet Archive game videos collection – including Fileshack videos, interviews, and the most awesome Consolevania. I’ll be putting up my videos on the Internet Archive too.

IGDA Ratings and Censorship Wiki project

Since I’ve been working on the IGDA wiki, I’ve started a Ratings and Censorship section, with my research still ongoing – this is an attempt to catalogue to confusing worldwide rating systems for videogames, with my personal interest being the BBFC in the UK, meaning I’ll be looking for help to get the rest done in full detail eventually. This is very slowly moving in the background, with research behind the scenes.

Vintage Computing and Gaming

Benj Edward’s great site for all computer things of old is a new forum I pursue – and now help moderate – fostering my interest in the old ways of computing and gaming. Very interesting stuff!

Old Work

Things I am not currently working on, have finished doing or don’t have the time to do any more.


Jasperre’s AI

Jasperre’s AI is my NPC AI project for Neverwinter Nights 1. It is on indefinite hiatus, and the code is a good few years old – and it shows. If I ever update it, it’ll be a rewrite, which I partially started with Neverwinter Nights 2 until I got too busy to finish it.

DLA Work

I was previously a member of the DLA group of modders (now defunct), and was going to be working on a Neverwinter Nights 2 mod, although that fell through sadly.


Dawn of War Modding and Relicnews Forums

I’ve always had an interest in Warhammer 40,000 – although I don’t play it any more, the game Dawn of War is a good replacement and caters to some good RTS gameplay too. I was attempting a campaign in the game, and some other mapping, although I never got enough completed to release I might finish some things one day – I did help out a tiny bit with the skirmish AI project, and know how to code in SCAR at least from my experiences! I was previously a moderator, tagname Finaldeath, at the Relicnews forum, now I can’t do that due to simple lack of time – it’s a busy forum, and I’ve got other commitments.


I started a definite new hobby at Loughborough, working in the student’s union TV station – LSUTV, where I have worked on things from 04-06, and 07-08 years, including the live, sport and news shows, and some other random bits of work wherever I can help. Certainly I’m a behind the scenes man, and work as the director/cameraman/editor rather then presenter. Since I’m not at University, I have much less chance to pick up a camera sadly. I will likely buy one again sometime to continue with this – high quality digital cameras are getting better and better for their price.

Video Game Music Show

The Video Game Music Show is a show I ran on rather infrequent Mondays during my final year of University. I recorded all my shows, and as noted, they are all video game music based. I might do this again on my PC if it takes my fancy, although it is a lot more fun with a nice studio.

If you’ve got any questions on any of my work, please feel free to contact me.

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