I take notes, using a laptop, at various videogame conferences. I don’t usually write up any of my paper notes, since my writing goes incomprehensible and is better summed up in a short post to the site instead. Hopefully these are useful to people.

Previous to 2008 I had rather a large amount of posts on different conferences, talks, day to day events or anything else I was noting down. Now I put them here and link to them from posts – a huge improvement 🙂 I’ll get around to sorting the earlier events into here at some point too.

Women in Games 2008


Women in Games 2008 notes and proceedings.

Game Developers Conference 2009


Game Developers Conference 2009 notes. Game AI Conference Paris 2009 Game AI Conference Paris 2009 notes.

DiGRA 2009

Digital Games Research Association Conference 2009 notes. Game AI Conference Paris 2010 Game AI Conference Paris 2010 notes.

GameCity 2010

GameCity 2010 notes, finally I managed to make some during it and some of the talks very much led themselves to this kind of thing.

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