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OneLifeLeft Christmas Party and CD: Music To Play Games By

The stars!

Last Saturday hosted an awesome (but for me, cut short) Christmas extravaganza party being the OneLifeLeft Christmas episode recording (who knows if it’ll be worth airing however), and the launch of the OneLifeLeft CD: Music To Play Games By.

I took a few videos, the first of Craig “The Rage” doing another great poem:

Awesome signs!

And Derek Williams did a 3 song set of really unique rap, here’s the first:

Set 2 and Set 3 are also available, all in low quality as is the case with all my camera recordings πŸ™‚

The CD itself was great – Β£6 on the night, and only Β£7 at Amazon now. I got it signed by the cast (Ste, Simon and Ann) as well as the contributors there (Derek and Craig), and finally without knowing who he was, I got Simon who organised the effort to sign it too, awesome πŸ˜€ (Check his page for more details on the albums content). There are songs, if you like the general OneLifeLeft feel, for everyone. I especially enjoy The Lost Levels and The Doyouinverts, with excellent tracks on there, and also Optimus Rhyme’s Obey The Moderator song was surprisingly good. πŸ™‚

Well worth checking out in my opinion!