Video Game Music Show – 28/01/2008

After a 1 week hiatus, the VGMS returns. This time, themed! That’s right, all the tracks this week have vocals, with a roughly 50/50 split between remixes (courtesy of OC ReMix) and actual in game tunes.

Some good vocal tracks here – some are not for the weak of heart, since several contain swearing. The credits song to Gears of War called “The Cole Train” remixes the in-game characters taunts to fun effect, and you have to listen out for “Zelda Rabbit Joint Cover”, a great 60 second track 😀

A mistake when recording means I did it in mono (this is the first time I’ve realised they’ve always been in mono), and missed the first song (“Still Alive”) and my intro, so you’ll get the second song onwards from the download. If you’re interested in hearing “Still Alive” you can find it in my first show. The ending is pretty abrupt – for some reason the 10 minute funk ends earlier then I thought, or the MP3 was corrupted.


Download the show in MP3 (107MB, 128Kbps) format.


Started late (after 8PM), so is around 1:45 long.

Portal – Still Alive
Jonatan Coulton

Paperboy Smooth Delivery OC Remix
Mythril Nazgul

Chrono Trigger Town Life
djpretzel, Geoffrey Taucer

Darkness Dawning
Elsa Persson Larsec

Grigg’s Deep Hard
Call of Duty 4

Kleiner Rap
Wraith 9

Max Payne Tragedy of a Bullet (OC Remix)
Kartsy Hatakka, Kimmo Kajasto

Sonic 3 Memories Frozen in Time (OC Remix)
DCT, Just Us

Asterix Niggaz 4 Life (OC ReMix)
Ubik, zyko

Gears of War – The Cole Train
Lester Speight as Augustus Cole, Kevin Riepl


Get it at!


Earthworm Jim 2 Invertebrate Remix
Daniel Baranowsky, Vigilante, Zyko

[[Comedy Interlude 🙂 ]]

A Pirate I was meant to be
Michael Land, Hans Christian Reumchuessel

Zelda Rabbit Joint Cover
The Rabbit Joint

Big and Mighty Poo – Conker’s Bad Fur Day
Robin Beanland, Chris Seavor (Voices)

The Friendly Demon Song
Sam and Max Episode 2


[[More rocky ones]]

Dizzy the Adventurer Mix Dizz

Star Ocean Summertime (OC Remix)

Zelda 64 Falling Back (OC Remix)

[[/More rocky ones]]

[[Proper rock air guitar!]]

Bark At The Moon (Guitar Hero)
Ozzy Osbourne

[[/Proper rock air guitar]]

Irenicus Redeem This Mix (Baldurs Gate 2)
B-Bad Bons

Rap music from CoD4 – unsure of artist.

War (Original main menu music – Cannon Fodder)
Jon Hare

The Best Is Yet To Come (Metal Gear Solid)
Kazuki Muraoka, Rikka Muranaka

Katamari on the Funk
Katamari Soul Trains


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