Video Game Music Show – 17/03/2008

Here’s a shorter VGMS I did today – I got a hour late there, but still put it on. This time I got my theme sorted (during the show) which is Grand Theft Auto music 🙂

Theme songs, menu tracks, original music and radio music all come alive for 50 minutes. I didn’t play all newer songs, a lot were from the original GTA and GTA2, which have some great tracks.


Download the show in MP3 (47MB, 128Kbps) format.


These are for any songs without real artists – these guys composed or performed all the music!

Grand Theft Auto

Music Written, Produced and Performed by
Colin Anderson, Craig Conner, Grant Middleton

Additional Musicians
Brian Baglow, Robert De Negro, John Gurney, Eugene Henderson, Michael James, Drew Larg, Paul Mackie, Chris Marra, Gennine Peirce, Stephen Porter, Melissa Ripley, Ciaran Rooney, Stuart Ross, Brian Socha, Heather Sowards, Karen Taylor, Allan Walker, Julie Tracy Wemyss

Grand Theft Auto: London

Music researched and compiled by
Patrick Whittaker
Additional Music researched by
Terry Donovan

Grand Theft Auto 2

Colin Anderson, Craig Conner, Bert Reid, Stuart Ross, Paul Scargill

Additional Music
Moving Shadow

Grand Theft Auto 3
Radio Stations and Music – Producer for Rockstar U.K.
Craig Conner, Stuart Ross
Radio Stations and Music – Soundtrack Coordinator
Terry Donovan
Radio Stations and Music – Producer for Rockstar Games
Dan Houser
Radio Stations and Music – Edited by
Craig Conner, Allan Walker, Lazlow


GTA POMP – Grand Theft Auto: London

Taxi Drivers Must Die! (1:12 – 3:00) – Grand Theft Auto

Hollywood Swingin’ – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Kool and the Gang

“DSP” Animal Testing – (Funk Radio, 0:00 – 3:05) – Grand Theft Auto

“I Ran (So Far Away)” – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
A Flock of Seagulls

Bush Sounds, all – Grand Theft Auto: London
– “Return of Django” The Upsetters
– “Dollar in the Teeth” The Upsetters

Main Menu Theme (Gangster Friday) – Grand Theft Auto

Rise FM – (0:00 – 5:00) Grand Theft Auto 3
“Neo (The One)” – Performed by Slyder

GTA2 Title Music – Grand Theft Auto 2

“Crockett’s Theme” – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Jan Hammer

“4 Letter Love” Stikki Fingers – It’s Unleashed FM 0:00 – 3:33) – Grand Theft Auto

“Holdin’ It Out For You” Stikki Fingerz (Rebel Radio 05:37 – 08:38) – Grand Theft Auto 2

Startup Cutscene, Ending Credits
Grand Theft Auto 3

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