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Video Game Music Show – 11/02/2008

This week, the Video Game Music Show concentrated on live performances. There’s a few which are not so live, and I decided to put some comedy in there every half-hour or so.

Some great performances from orchestras, covers and bands. The major performances are from professional groups that do live events, although there are a few amateur pieces. Major themes from big games are featured, all great renditions.

Comedy-wise, we have some neat random tributes to games, the infamous Coast-to-Coast with Gordon Freeman, and some real audio atrocities.

Finally, this show is actually in stereo this time! Yes, I managed to sort the “problem” of me recording in mono. The sizes of the files are increased somewhat, but the quality is a lot better (the OGG download is recommended).


Download the show in MP3 (109MB, 128Kbps) format.


[Start: 20:08]

Court Suite (Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban)
Composer: Masakazu Sugimori, Arranger: Noriyuki Iwadare

Super Mario Bros. Medley (Super Mario Bros.)
Koji Kondo, performed by PLAY! in Stockholme.

Sonic the Hedgehog Medley (Sonic the Hedgehog)
by PLAY!


Not Roy (Super Mario Bros.)
Something Awful acapella comedy (Possibly by “Dave Bulmer” – sorry, no better source!)

It Doesn’t Make Sense
Something Awful acapella comedy (Possibly by “Dave Bulmer” – sorry, no better source!)

Buggy Saint’s Row musical (Saint’s Row “tribute”)
3 tunes:
– Where’s My Car
– Stuck Again
– What Is This Place
See the video online too at!
By Cabel Maxfield Sasser


Tron (Tron)
By Wendy Carlos (Played at Video Games Live Concert – Aug. 12, 2006)

God of War (God of War)
By Winifred Philips (Played at Video Games Live Concert – Aug. 12, 2006)

Legend of Zelda Theme (Legend of Zelda)
“Orchestral Game Concerts 1” (sorry, don’t know any more)


Main Theme (Mjolnir Mix) Halo 2
Video Game Pianist (Martin Leung)

Prelude (FFVII)
Video Game Pianist (Martin Leung)


Heavy Mario
Koji Kondo, Peter Wendin, Wire McQuaid


Gordon Freeman on Coast to Coast (Half Life references)


Makaimura ~ Balrog Medley (Makaimura ~ Street Fighter II) (1993)
Game Music Festival Live, Summer ’93

Metal Gear Solid
KCE Japan Sound Team (Played at Video Games Live Concert – Aug. 12, 2006)

Michiru Yamane (Played at Video Games Live Concert – Aug. 12, 2006)

By Jack Wall (Played at Video Games Live Concert – Aug. 12, 2006)

Godot – The Armoa of Black Coffee (Phoenix Wright)
Metamorphosis Jazz Band


That’s Death! (Discworld II)
Eric Idle

+Clips from Audio Atrocities –


Monkey Island theme (Monkey Island)
Press Play On Tape

Hey Dewd (Ultima Parody)

Don’t Hurry, Be Laggy (Ultima Parody)

Chrono Cross & Chrono Trigger Medley
By Yasunori Mitsuda (PLAY! – A Video Game Symphony (Stockholm))

Battle (FFI)
Adventurers Guild Japan

Beyond Good & Evil
Christophe Heral (Video Games Live Concert – Aug. 12, 2006)

[End 22:04]

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