Video Game Music Show – 11/02/2008

Completely on time, even if I didn’t get to start the show on time 🙂 this week, a random collection of tracks ranging from the indie game Static, through to Metriod Prime, Katamari Damacy 2 and many others. It’s only 1:30 or so this time, but next week if I can get into LCR, I’ll put on a proper 2 hour show.


Download the show in MP3 (89MB, 128Kbps) format.


Game Music Show – 2008-03-10
Start around 9:30PM

Opening Theme – Advance Wars 1
Taishi Senda & Yoshito Hirano

Opening Theme – Sins of a Solar Empire
Paul Scheugraf

Samus vs. Metriod Prime – Metriod Prime
Kenji Yamamoto

Title Screen – Big Brain Academy
Kenta Nagata

Opening Mario Party
Yasunori Mitsuda

I Love Rock and Roll – Guitar Hero (1)
Joan Jett

Title Music – GTA2
Colin Anderson, Craig Conner, Bert Reid, Stuart Ross, Paul Scargill

Pokemon Medley
New Japan Philharmonic Concert

Theme – Silent Hill
Akira Yamaoka

Title Theme – Super Mario Galaxy
Mahito Yokota, Koji Kondo

Super Smash Medley (14 minutes)
New Japan Philharmonic Concert

Theme – Paper Mario
Yuka Tsujiyoko

Opening – Theme Park
Russell Shaw

Cool Wave – Waverace 64
Kazumi Todaka, Hideaki Shimizu

* Dark World Dungeon
* Battle with Ganon
Both from The Legend of Zelda
Koji Kondo

Counter-attack – Sins of a Solar Empire
Paul Scheugraf

Katamari Holiday – Katamari Damacy 2

Hell March 2 – Red Alert 2
Frank Klepacki

Under the Star of Destiny – Soul Calibur 2
Junichi Nakatsuru

Dark Cello, Boss Battle
Both from Lost in the Static
Sean Barrett

Bone Wagon – Grim Fandango
Peter McConnell

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