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Arrived in San Francisco

It’s 9:30AM San Francisco time, jet lag isn’t bad – well, not any more then my regular sleep patterns are. I went around Union Square and the Westfield shopping centre yesterday evening, and found some steak to eat 🙂

I’ll upload some pictures I took tonight. I got up late today because of a radiator in my room making the most loud noises it could at 4AM, 5AM and 6AM.

Time to get some breakfast, get a charger for my DS (since I blew my USA->UK converter thing), and visit Alcatraz and Pier 39 I think 🙂 I’ll register early for GDC.

Final GDC08 schedule and preperation

Okay, been packing today, and found out I can’t book in online for my United flight (one mark down for them…).

I also realised I hadn’t finalised what I was doing at GDC. My previous plan is all intact, and I’ve decided to go to a few of the censorship things and miss out on the Fable talk – I realise my Monday tutorial will be based around this so I’ll have had enough of dogs by then I bet 🙂

So this is my schedule now. I’ve only got the two noted clashes, just in case I change my mind. It seems pretty empty, and there are several other things which I’d have not minded going to but can’t – with only 3 days it means there are 7-8 sessions going on in any one slot. At least only one AI thing overlapped, 9AM on Friday, and I decided to go with the 3rd day of AI roundtable/discussion stuff.

I’ve finished printing everything I should need, and my Macbook has the useful information emails I’ve got from various places. I’ve also been informed by David Hayward of a cool travel wiki, so I’m looking at that for some things to do. Finally, Audiosurf should be released today, USA time, so I lament the fact I’m taking a mac laptop and not a windows one, since I won’t be able to play it until I come back now 🙁

My schedule is thus: Continue reading Final GDC08 schedule and preperation

I’m going to the Game Devlopers Conference!

GDC 2008

I’ve received the IGDA Foundation’s Eric Dybsand Memorial Scholarship for AI Development, to go to the Game Developers Conference 2008 in San Francisco!

I’m honoured! 😀

I’ve been withholding this up until it was announced on the IGDA’s website, but now that the organisation has sorted the passes and the winners, I can post. I’m still very much busy with exams, but have booked my hotel and flight to get over there and now need to sort what I’ll be doing.

If anyone does read this and is interested in meeting up there, I’m on MyGDC too, or email me 🙂

Expect photos, reports and whatnot since I’ll be taking over my Macbook, and will be primarily looking at AI sessions – some very interesting ones are going to be put on, which I’ll be sure to attend.