GDC08 – Monday

I went to the Staging Workshop: Visual storytelling Masterclass on Monday and met most of the scholarship people in the evening. (read on for more)

The workshop was an interesting look at how game cutscenes can be worked like film scripts with actors – posing, setting up the conditions and so forth. A few minutes and professional actors can be watched to see if a certain change will work or not – those actors will become the characters, so referring to the characters and letting the actors act as them with what they think they feel is a great way to do it.

He also dealt a bit with when the player can move around (during the cutscene) as in Fable 2, and suggested some ways around the player moving around too much or interrupting the NPC’s – having them react to (limited) things, and perhaps stop talking if they moved away (and resume when they come back) are two options.

He went through the film techniques he used as well, allowing me to learn a bit more about how simply setting up a pose can make us project what we think the character is feeling, or how they are acting.

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In the evening I went with most of the other scholarship recipients to a dinner – eating at the food court in the Westfield Mall. We then went onto a few drinks at a bar near Union Square. Still decidedly cheaper then UK prices for inner city drinks 🙂



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(Late report, I’ll do Tuesday’s tonight hopefully)