Glorious GameCity!


I thoroughly enjoyed GameCity, which I went to at the weekend. Here’s a quick report of what I saw, and was able to film on behalf of the IGDA…

On Friday Night, I was able to get to “Curry on Gaming”, and filmed the preparations, although then was told to stop filming. You had to be there.

On Saturday, I almost missed the start of “Are You Indie?” a talk panel dedicated to trying to determine what makes up the definition of an indie game, with comparisons to books, films, music, and lots of indie games were talked about from IndieCade. After this I did get a chance to go around IndieCade and interview one of the IGF members about it, which was fun.

After which I was able to get up and see “Takahashi Next” – pictured – where after a history of the Katamari Damacy games, Takahashi the creator of them discussed some varied things about himself. Then he went onto his new game and provided the prototype for people to play with while discussing it – which is still in a high state of development as you can see, but seemed quite a good concept and will be a lot of fun in multiplayer.

Finally on Saturday I got to Ste Curran doing “My Mum” – a varied look at what games his mum (and himself) played from his birth, what games made her stop playing, and finally what brought her back to gaming. I visited the city centre for a while to look at the games being played there, such as Guitar Hero, Lego StarWars 2, and others.

Sunday was pretty brief, notably more so due to the (unannouced) absence of IndieCade, since the people had upped and left back to America so no one could turn the machines on, and the city centre games had been taken down. However, I got to play a bit of the classic Star Wars game, and see the start of a Tetris world record attempt.

After this, “Tetris: From Russia With Love” was shown, a BBC4 documentary by Magnus Temple – and after which Alexey Pajitnov himself was interviewed about the game, and other things. After this was “Journey to the Centre of Tetris”, where Alexey again spoke, but this time in a lot more detail about the game, other versions of it, it’s creation, and other insightful questions about design and his current work.

Whew, after that I came home 🙂 so all in all a good weekend! I did meet a few interesting people although I mainly kept to my camera equipment, and I should have some of these edited up sooner or later for release on the web!