Will Wright’s fellowship lecture

Will Wright gave what I thought was a good, insightful lecture on the history of interactive media in relation to other types of media, and actually, a lot more, and what it is becoming compared to typical films and TV shows.

What more, with his Q&A he talked quite a bit on a load of topics, with a bit on Spore’s problematic development, as well as what FPS games he likes (“only really the Battlefield series”), and that he uses other people’s games, both free online and paid ones, to check out designs to see what went right, and more importantly what went wrong.

And putting it in perspective, he’s an high advocate of user created content – such as in Spore, Second Life which he got asked about, and home brew games. He said there was a problematic high level of programming knowledge needed, and that it should be solved by teaching basic programming in school.

He also dispelled 2 myths – the first being that he can play the Tuba, which was on his wikipedia entry (he basically said he enjoyed music specifically because he can’t play any instrument. His Wikipedia as of this post is still wrong 😉 ), and dispelled the myth that it was EA who tried to cancel The Sims many times, when it was actually Maxis, and that EA threw money at the tiny team developing it (a 4 person tools team he got to do it with from Maxis) once they brought the company. He also commented that he wanted to get out of the business side of Maxis which is why he sold – he said he was good at business, but it wasn’t fun, and he likes leaving it to the people who enjoy it and can take care of it better then him.

A very worthy recipient of the award I felt. I didn’t get any pictures of his talk or Q&A, because I forgot due to the interesting topics brought up!