London Game Career Fair ’07 visit

I visited the London Game Career Fair to do some filming today – I basically did a quick interview about each company (me, being like I am, off camera). Once I get them done they should be up somewhere for download, and I’ll put it on the IGDA forums – and should be useful for people interested in each company, although I don’t ask any tough questions.

Sadly, LucasArts and THQ couldn’t talk without express permission, while Ubisoft had only just recently brought Reflections (who produced Driver and other racing games) from Atari, and rebranded it Ubisoft Newcastle (I think they did anyway…).

I was finished with just about everyone but EA at the end, and so got time to film their 1 hour Q&A about themselves. Sadly, I didn’t have time to make any of the other sessions, since I arrived a bit late.

I also enjoyed talking to several companies about programming, although currently I lack the kind of unique demo which would sell me to them 🙂 some useful information came out of it all however.