Arrived in San Francisco

It’s 9:30AM San Francisco time, jet lag isn’t bad – well, not any more then my regular sleep patterns are. I went around Union Square and the Westfield shopping centre yesterday evening, and found some steak to eat 🙂

I’ll upload some pictures I took tonight. I got up late today because of a radiator in my room making the most loud noises it could at 4AM, 5AM and 6AM.

Time to get some breakfast, get a charger for my DS (since I blew my USA->UK converter thing), and visit Alcatraz and Pier 39 I think 🙂 I’ll register early for GDC.

One thought on “Arrived in San Francisco”

  1. That mall is huge, isn’t it!? Dang.

    Did you find the Playstation store next to the Moscone Center? That was a nice break from the walking around for me. 😉

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