San Francisco second day

Tis’ Sunday in San Francisco, and I am back after trekking around the town a lot more (mainly so I can find something to do tonight – I’ve decided to go see a film, because it’s easy and not much is open on Sunday evening 🙂 ). (Read on for my day)

First I wanted to visit Fishermans Warf/Pier 39 – I went via. Cable Car, notably waiting around in a long line despite the fact I could just walk a few minutes to get on the second or third stop 🙂

475 520 530 535 540

Then I bundled around Pier 39, there’s a lot of gift shops, and sea lions too! Big bundles of lazyness, great stuff 🙂


I didn’t manage to get to Alcatraz – the ferries I checked were booked, so I booked one for next Saturday. Should be good. I went back via. the slightly more modern Street Car (electric powered tram), since I walked a fair bit down the warf past Pier 33 (where the Alcatraz ferry was).

560 570

I could now pop into EB Games near Union Square since it was shut in the mornings and get Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The puzzles and story seemed really neat, even if it won’t be really replayable. I also grabbed a USA power adapter for my DS, since I blew my own US->UK converter for general things and couldn’t find a replacement.

The most important thing I did however was to pre-order Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, which I can grab on the 20th at some point when they are open. Thank goodness for the DS being region free.


From there, I went to Chinatown, rooting around in the souviner shops (of which there are a ton), and was quite possibly the only person who wouldn’t have wanted to eat there, despite me checking out several menus (I wasn’t up for a full meal, and didn’t trust myself to like much else).

590 595

Got back on the cablecar down to get some late lunch in the Union square, and to play my new game a bit. Then popped back via. the Moscone centre to register and get my GDC badge; plus the bag too.

There was a lot of paper stuff in the bag…

600 610

…I found the useful stuff in there though. Game Developer mag (which I had online already, cest la vie!), the programme, and a IBM notepad (smaller then my A4 sized one so might be useful!).


There was also the Destroy all Developers game card – it’s a business card collecting “mini-game” – I’ll see if the other scholarship guys want to team up for it. We’d have to have a catchy name, something like SWEET SUPER SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS! SSSS! …okay, maybe not. 😉


(My internet isn’t the fastest at the Hotel, so I’ll upload the rest of the pictures from today + other days some other time)

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