GDC08 – Wednesday

Wednesday was pretty good at the GDC (pictures after clicking more 🙂 )


In the morning I went to the Censorship roundtable, and later a Censorship in the Crosshairs talk which were both interesting, and I learnt quite a bit about the state of censorship in the USA with the ESRB and government.


I got to the career fair and the expo during the day – the IGF games were very interesting, and I checked up on Kynapse AI middleware (they’ve been brought by Autodesk, which I didn’t know).

Later in the day was the first AI roundtable. Boy was it crowded since there was only one room – but interesting, and I’ll write up my notes when I get back. I’ll do notes for next week – this was the panorama:


In the evening was the IGF awards and Game Choice Awards, which were one after the other – some well known games (Portal, Bioshock) cleaned up most of the awards. The indie games were all cool and interesting to see the ones which were not on display. I got some snapshots of the videos from Yhatzee (although Mega64’s were good too 🙂 ) which I’ll get on my gallery at some point. I also forgot to mention, Jason Della Rocca got the first ambassdor award, Sid Mier got the lifetime achivement award and Ralph Bear got the pioneer award. All outstanding recipients there!

Various pictures from the event:


Later, I went with some of the scholars to get some food, then to an actually good pub (and Irish one) which served cider, yay! Long night drinking, I’m writing this on Thursday of course, and I was 10 minutes late to the 9AM seminar, hehe.

2 thoughts on “GDC08 – Wednesday”

  1. Hey Andy,

    Sounds like a lot of fun. What I want to know is, why didn’t Team Fortress 2 win all the awards?! 😛 Clearly the best game out there.

    Interesting to see pictures. Don’t forget to take some with yourself in the shot… 🙂

  2. Andrew,

    Could you do me a favor and photoshop in some more hair on me for those AI Roundtable pictures? 🙂

    And to the rest of you, if you want to see actually see Andrew in the shot, there’s more pictures and info about GDC available over at <a href=””my site. I believe he actually took better notes than I did… and certainly more of them!

    Take care…

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