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I’ve got more stuff I should write up. Obviously! However, I have been investing time in stuff for The National Museum of Computing (and will be at their upcoming festival), so have really sucked at updating this site apart from mini things I’ve linked to. That, and some of the games I’ve been playing haven’t been really that great, and in some cases remain entirely unfinished.

I have a fair few games actually written up in some way or another. I’m going to shoot down the “countless screenshots” approach which isn’t easy to achieve with my gallery (which I still have to sort out, more work for the grinder…), and get something up there with only a odd few.

I’ve mainly been inspired by one Todd Alcott who has some brilliant summations and thoughts on a huge range of films (and even has a few comments on videogames), as well as lots of other bits. If you enjoy the Coen Brothers films, his writeups are really fun and in-depth. I’m going to seek to actually generally improve the quality and amount of my posts so I can build up some reference on what I think about stuff, good and bad.

Once I’ve got some more down I’ll get around to making pages for stuff. There’s a lot of stuff, and while it isn’t great to shove opinions around on the internet, if something isn’t updated here and now on an RSS feed it sometimes can get lost to the past (yet forever unseen by the present). Having forgotten several brilliant things both online and offline off the top of my head, I think it would be worth linking or posting brief one liners on some of them, mostly for my own sake! 🙂

Steam UI Update – Nice, just Hugggeee

Odd thing, the new UI update for Steam looks okay, as so far it was functional before but has shading and stuff now. It also allows you to filter games so only installed ones are shown, which is great.

It’s just huge.


I have a second monitor and it takes up half of it (it’s 1680×1050!). I am not blind, I can perfectly use the friends list which is much more acceptable in size…

This screenshot below is as small a width as I could make it (height limitations are not as bad, ie; it’ll go down to 500 or so pixels high):

Huuuggeee Steam UI

I really, really prefer a smaller Pidgen/Skype/IM client style, is it too much to ask to have such an option back so it doesn’t waste so much screen space if I have it open on top of or next to things? 🙂 This is also the smallest way to display games – although the grid option is there to display more games you can’t narrow it any further. A simple list, ala the steam friends view, and previous game small view, would be awesome.

Or I’m missing the button to change it (although I’ve tried every button, you can’t even remove the toolbar at the top either, and the options are 90% the same in the settings menu for UI things 🙁 ).

Sadly, not being a Steam Forums member, for strictly sanity reasons, it appears there is no email to feedback this to! how…silly!

I’m also surprised, since I thought netbook-sized screen resolutions (or just small laptops) wouldn’t even be able to display so much width, and that, you know, we weren’t blind and that the previous small list worked fine.

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