PvP + PvM = PvPM

hunter render
Tank NPC Enemy; the Halo Hunter
I was chuckling a bit after reading BBspot and their report on the AI being dumped in Halo 3 for cheaper outsourced human intelligence.

However, it is an interesting possibility to have players partially take over the roles usually assigned purely to the AI – making the players Player Monsters as it were. Continue reading PvP + PvM = PvPM

Starting a journal site from scratch

I’ve decided to start writing my own site properly at last, starting on my birthday. Hopefully this’ll be a collective area for my thoughts and any useful news for others about things I get up to.

One painful thing so far is finding a way to start a website. After a bit of hassle I’ve got the latest version of wordpress running, and a theme from the wordpress themes website.

I also tried to integrate Gallery2 for private use. Luckily I could install it via. cpanel installed on my host, since my host doesn’t allow all the editing rights it usually needs.

Finally, I intend to fully make my own theme, add to wordpress so I can edit my site independently of its system since I have several sub project pages I wish to create with sub-journals of news – or another solution that works.

I also decided to go with an SSL certificate. I have a few private password protected areas which I run and want to keep secure, and the site might as well benefit from this. This means I will be using https://www.aarmstrong.org, and for those who like the purer non-www version, I can’t do that without upsetting what your browser sees as my valid site address, oh well!

I’ll be looking at if it is worth keeping the main site as SSL-only. Apart from not being cached by proxies I don’t see any reason why it’d not work fine. If anyone has a problem with it though I think I could separate the SSL and not-as-private parts.

Hopefully this journal will be useful. I will likely not mention the word much but here goes; I don’t particularily like the word “blog”, so I’ll refer (to much like for me) so its my journal. Either way I am sure everyone else uses it (in the blagosphere I am told) so it’ll crop up I suppose.

Website and journal of Andrew Armstrong