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Gambling Lambs #1

Who's a Werewolf eh?

Gambling Lambs went on yesterday evening, and lo, it was good, involving:

  • Me learning finally how to do bits of a Rubik’s cube, thanks to David 🙂 (I’ve forgotten the exact combinations now but I get the theory). He knows his l33t cubes.
  • Being on film for a local BBC documentary on videogames and games (which is due September – but I’ve no idea what the name was)
  • Playing the brilliant Werewolf again, 3 rounds – me and two werewolves killed then entire village of Gibraltar the first time, but I got wasted the next 2 rounds in the first night! (one of which the villages won). I was obviously a very loud victorious werewolf to start with! (the second time was bad though because the werewolf who killed me, while he did think I was a werewolf in the first round, got my sherrifs badge in the second to make amends! Bah, politics 🙂 ).
  • Got to play a little World of Goo, and more importantly showed the indie game to others (I personally get stuck rather easily, but puzzle people loved it).
  • Some awesome rounds of Mario Kart DS 🙂
  • Trading with myself between Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Platinum. Sooo worth it 😉
Articulate took them a while to play

It was a tad dark down there – the flash was entirely necessary, as my gallery shows. At least I met a lot of cool people there in the dimness 🙂

The problem is next time, the first Thursday of September is when I’m going to DiGRA, so it’ll be all the way in October before I get to try things like Settlers of Catan which I fully intend to play. Anyone else in the Nottingham area at the time however should give it a shot 🙂 Bring what you want to play too and see if anyone wants to play, is always an idea, but there is plenty of things people bring to play of course.