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Videogame music, a passion manifested in a radio show and huge collection of it.

Video Game Music Show – 10/03/2008 online

Completely on time, even if I didn’t get to start the show on time 🙂 this week, a random collection of tracks ranging from the indie game Static, through to Metriod Prime, Katamari Damacy 2 and many others. It’s only 1:30 or so this time, but next week if I can get into LCR, I’ll put on a proper 2 hour show.

Download the show in MP3 (89MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (121MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.

As an additional note, I found my notes for the previous show! Yay! 😀

Video Game Music Show – 03/03/2008 online

A bit late uploading, but never the less, a good and random show to listen back to, and the first since I was in San Francisco.

A rather random show this time, with me going off the cuff and finding lots of strange music to play. In a total of 1:45 I play a variety of songs including Grim Fandango, Fallout, Wario Ware Touched, Carmageddon, Fable and many others. One theme might be “Theme Songs”, which I played many of (including Tomb Raider Anniversary, – possibly a rarely heard one).

Download the show in MP3 (128MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (97MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.

VGMS in February

Okay, so I missed yesterdays VGMS show date – tiredness after my exam which ended at 3PM, I’m afraid. I’m planning the next one on the 11th, although I won’t be able to do one on the 18th, but should be back by the 25th. So, maybe two this month? Suggestions are welcome, and I’m looking to theme another show, so suggestions are welcome.

Video Game Music Show – 14/01/2008

After a 1 week hiatus, the VGMS returns. This time, themed! That’s right, all the tracks this week have vocals, with a roughly 50/50 split between remixes (courtesy of OC ReMix) and actual in game tunes.

Some good vocal tracks here – some are not for the weak of heart, since several contain swearing. The credits song to Gears of War called “The Cole Train” remixes the in-game characters taunts to fun effect, and you have to listen out for “Zelda Rabbit Joint Cover”, a great 60 second track 😀

Download the show in MP3 (99MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (75MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist on the shows page.

No VGMS today, revision instead!

Ahh, University Exams. Joy. Or not, since I prefer coursework to be honest.

Since I have 5 of them I’m spending the 3 or so hours (plus a few more to prepare) to do the show dedicated to revision, minus the time taken to write this 🙂

I might have time next week since once this week is over I will only have 2 exams left, so not needing to do 3 sets of revision at once, and will plan a special theme show – request still welcome of course.

Video Game Music Show pilot aired

I’ve finished the Video Game Music Show pilot tonight, airing for 2 hours playing video game music – I actually had some listeners (such as housemates and LSUCS members) and got a few calls too, and even a few shout outs.

I’ve decided to risk putting the shows online to download, since I honestly think game music deserves more then being sidelined and is worth listening to by itself. The only feature I did this time was “Guess the game” where I played a track from a game, which was actually pretty hard to guess (no one got it I talked to!). I did make tons of mistakes, given it was my first time live on air though nothing disastrous happened.

Next time I plan to do at least a list of upcoming and released games and perhaps a review (I was going to do Call of Duty 4 but should have written some thoughts on it before the show first!).

Download the MP3 (107MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (60.5MB, Q4) copies, and more information about what was played is on my Video Game Music Show page.