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Videogame music, a passion manifested in a radio show and huge collection of it.

OneLifeLeft Christmas Party and CD: Music To Play Games By

The stars!

Last Saturday hosted an awesome (but for me, cut short) Christmas extravaganza party being the OneLifeLeft Christmas episode recording (who knows if it’ll be worth airing however), and the launch of the OneLifeLeft CD: Music To Play Games By.

I took a few videos, the first of Craig “The Rage” doing another great poem:

Awesome signs!

And Derek Williams did a 3 song set of really unique rap, here’s the first:

Set 2 and Set 3 are also available, all in low quality as is the case with all my camera recordings πŸ™‚

The CD itself was great – Β£6 on the night, and only Β£7 at Amazon now. I got it signed by the cast (Ste, Simon and Ann) as well as the contributors there (Derek and Craig), and finally without knowing who he was, I got Simon who organised the effort to sign it too, awesome πŸ˜€ (Check his page for more details on the albums content). There are songs, if you like the general OneLifeLeft feel, for everyone. I especially enjoy The Lost Levels and The Doyouinverts, with excellent tracks on there, and also Optimus Rhyme’s Obey The Moderator song was surprisingly good. πŸ™‚

Well worth checking out in my opinion!

the doyouinverts

doyouinverts lyrics! woo!

the doyouinverts are a great comedy videogame-related band, they have some songs up (so I should have linked to them before!) and awesomely played at GameCity, where I captured their awesomeness in sadly, rather poor quality (below). I’ll have to catch them if they tour nearby or do another One Life Left appearance! If you have a chance, download some of their other tracks if you like their sound, I recommend Random Encounter, and although it’s not available to download (yet!) 7/10. Both work really well πŸ™‚ well, more so I got all the references in them I think, some of their others can be called rather obscure without reading the text accompanying the download.

Edit: 7/10 is also up! Yeah! Give that a shot if you have time πŸ™‚

Continue reading the doyouinverts

Video Games Live Was Great!

The show!

Video Games Live was fun stuff. For the day, we visited first Funland arcade in the city centre then went off to the show. There were some Guitar Hero: World Tour bits going on before it began, too.

The awesome Martin Leung

The show itself was great. All console music, basically, but quite well done mixtures of tracks and video accompaniment. There were also some special bits – Martin Leung (who didn’t really talk πŸ™ ), did first a set of Final Fantasy tunes and then his famous Mario and Tetris tracks on the piano. There was audience interaction too – someone who played Tetris by being the gun at the bottom, although it didn’t work to well πŸ™ – and also a Guitar Hero: Areosmith track, accompanied by Tommy Tallarico.

Tommy getting a world record

Tommy Tallarico hosted it, and even got a Guinness World Record for the most games worked on by a single person during the show. Jack Wall was the conductor, who has created some great music before, conducting his own Mass Effect music during the show too.

Fanart in the video for “One Winged Angel”

A few oddities though – there was no Square Enix videogame footage, substituting Disney movie footage for Kingdom Hearts, and fanart for the Final Fantasy “One Winged Angel” piece. Odd that. Also, there was a distinct lack of PC videogame music – no Red Alert, Civilization, Half-Life or anything else (but there was the ubiquitous World of Warcraft, and for some reason Everquest II. There was also Diablo III – they need to update the video which was all concept art though πŸ™‚ ).

The videogame historian in me wanted to know what it was like up in the old Sony arcade…

I also got the CD, which is pretty good (if only I still did my radio show!) – I love the Civilization 4 rendition, which is one of my favourite tracks. The line to get it singed was a wee bit big, but oh well, I’ll try and get it signed some other time πŸ™‚

I hope they can get around to doing a Phoenix Write melody at the show, if so, I’ll definitely go again πŸ™‚ – there’s my full gallery of pictures of the event. I also had some videos; which are pretty cool:

atypicalgamer also has a report on the event, with some better pictures too πŸ™‚

Video Games Live!

Going to Video Games Live tomorrow in London, should be a good event – I missed an opportunity to see it in San Francisco last February, and so I made my mind to go to this whatever. My grounding from my radio show should put me in good stead, no doubt a lot of tracks will be console games πŸ˜‰ Going with some friends too, and should be visiting some arcades and shops beforehand. Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad is the only thing! Travelling in London is not fun at the best of times, heh.

Next week are some other things, like the London Games Festival and GameCity which I’ll post about at the weekend, then share my thoughts on next week. Citizen journalism here I come! πŸ™‚

Video Game Music Show – 16/06/2008 online

The final Video Game Music Show! I might do this again if I have time on my computer, or find some online radio station which plays music tracks to go on, but most likely this will be my last show ever. An hours worth of great tracks, from Super Mario 64, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, Star Wars: Republic Commando, Perfect Dark: Zero, and a good few others!

Download the show in MP3 (56 MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (66MB, Q5) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.

VGMS: Next Week, I Promise!

I was a bit late on the ball today, so no VGMS. Next week after my final exam is over, I’ll do a final one πŸ™‚

(Suggestions for songs welcome, I think the theme might be “Best of Consoles” where I get the best selling or widely acclaimed console games for the past few generations and play songs from them πŸ™‚ ).

Video Game Music Show – 12/05/2008 online

After another hiatus we have another show! It’s got some Grand Theft Auto IV, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metriod Prime Hunters, as well as a bit of Planescape Torment, Supreme Commander and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan tracks. A good variety of upbeat tunes (and some lowbeat ones) for the start of summer.

Download the show in MP3 (86MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (121MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.

Video Game Music Show – 21/04/2008 online

After a four week hiatus, we have another Video Game Music Show on our hands! This week it features a large variety of music, and has a third of the show dedicated to the recently released Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix tracks of classic games. Other favourites (which are downloadable) I got to play include Cave Story music (Huzzah!), and You Have To Burn The Rope credits track “Now You’re a Hero” by Reachground. I also played some random tracks from Timesplitters 2, Warcraft II and III, Sim City 2000 and many others!

Note: The sound is incredibly loud this time and clips several times. I didn’t do a pre-check since I started late, and the computers output sound was higher then usual annoyingly. It is still pretty fine if you turn it down a bit πŸ™‚

Download the show in MP3 (93MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (125MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.

No VGMS this week

For a various amount of reasons I won’t be doing a show this week (and the previous weeks were Easter, when the studio was locked). If you want to listen to a few tracks I’ll be playing, one will certainly be from the Cave Story soundtrack, most likely a few of the battle themes and the main theme, which is retro-inspired at it’s best. That, and of course the end song to You Have To Burn The Rope, which you can download here.

Suggestions welcome too – I’ve got several more track to play of course, should be a good show next week πŸ˜€

(I also should really get a logo done for the show, if only my art skills went beyond merging some creative-commons licensed images πŸ˜€ )

Video Game Music Show – 17/03/2008 online

Here’s a shorter VGMS I did today – I got a hour late there, but still put it on. This time I got my theme sorted (during the show) which is Grand Theft Auto music πŸ™‚

Theme songs, menu tracks, original music and radio music all come alive for 50 minutes. I didn’t play all newer songs, a lot were from the original GTA and GTA2, which have some great tracks.

Download the show in MP3 (47MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (71MB, Q6) formats, and catch the playlist and notes on the shows page.