Video Game Music Show pilot aired

I’ve finished the Video Game Music Show pilot tonight, airing for 2 hours playing video game music – I actually had some listeners (such as housemates and LSUCS members) and got a few calls too, and even a few shout outs.

I’ve decided to risk putting the shows online to download, since I honestly think game music deserves more then being sidelined and is worth listening to by itself. The only feature I did this time was “Guess the game” where I played a track from a game, which was actually pretty hard to guess (no one got it I talked to!). I did make tons of mistakes, given it was my first time live on air though nothing disastrous happened.

Next time I plan to do at least a list of upcoming and released games and perhaps a review (I was going to do Call of Duty 4 but should have written some thoughts on it before the show first!).

Download the MP3 (107MB, 128Kbps) or Ogg (60.5MB, Q4) copies, and more information about what was played is on my Video Game Music Show page.