No VGMS this week

For a various amount of reasons I won’t be doing a show this week (and the previous weeks were Easter, when the studio was locked). If you want to listen to a few tracks I’ll be playing, one will certainly be from the Cave Story soundtrack, most likely a few of the battle themes and the main theme, which is retro-inspired at it’s best. That, and of course the end song to You Have To Burn The Rope, which you can download here.

Suggestions welcome too – I’ve got several more track to play of course, should be a good show next week 😀

(I also should really get a logo done for the show, if only my art skills went beyond merging some creative-commons licensed images 😀 )

One thought on “No VGMS this week”

  1. Hey!

    Nice that you will play my song. That’s awesome 🙂

    If you remember, please send me an e-mail when you’ve played the song and I’ll download your show.

    Take care.


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