Updated WordPress, and left alignments suck

Widescreen Monitors hate left-alignement

Look, I have a nice widescreen monitor. WordPress in their vain attempts at updating the formally centre-aligned editing GUI made it go on the left. I could stand the random colour changes and button replacements, but now my editing box is shoddily small!

Way to go. Not even an option to make it “widescreen friendly” – but ho, I can have as many lines as I like! Yay, if I had a monitor that was, you know, tall! No option for width however, or to make it centred.

Anywho, I’ll look for some plugin or other, there must be something to fix this mockery. I suppose at least now it has Gravatars built in, and it forced me to update a few other things, and break other things of course, and move a lot of things around.

Note to all websites: and this until recently included BBC News, Left Alignment websites suck, even if there is no “CSS for it” or whatever, you are bad enough for making website fixed-width. Anything but centred is a tragedy on most monitors nowadays, feel ashamed!

Hooray for whining! 😀 I’ll get back to posting game related things once I get some more of my project completed.

Edit: I found Admin Big Width to help a bit with the wordpress admin panel width problem, thank goodness. Still shouldn’t need a plugin, but oh well.

2 thoughts on “Updated WordPress, and left alignments suck”

  1. Yep.

    That computer you saw me sclepping around at GDC? 1920 x 1200 native on a 17″ screen. And I have a 24″ screen at home and the office to hook it up to. When you get a web site that is either:

    1) Set for a width of about 1000 but pegged to the left, or
    2) Set for 100% width regardless of window size

    It really gets annoying. I have simply just decided to actually use the “window” function in Windows and I always have my browser window at about 2/3 the width of the screen… maybe less.

    The first thing I do when I set up a new web site is wrap the whole thing in a table that has a width of about 950 and center the bloody thing.

  2. Yep, it’s not even hard, and if I had a slightly higher resolution (being on 1680×1050 at the moment) I’d use it in windowed mode since there would be no benefit to full screen.

    I know my site is 100% width, and I cater specifically to allow me to read my posts and items on my monitor so sort the images to suit 🙂 not many sites do 100% width well, but some do quite well, usually forums and other places with lots of text.

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