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No more www.

I’ve taken a leap of faith…or I just renewed my hosting, and decided to get rid of the www. from my URL. The old URL will work indefinitely and simply redirects, so it’s nicer to have a shorter URL.

The reason I did have it at www. was the SSL certificate I was using was for “”, and now it is for just “” (normal visitors won’t use it, but I do frequently). I suppose this will please those guys at least since I’m now “Class B” 🙂

Updated WordPress, and left alignments suck

Widescreen Monitors hate left-alignement

Look, I have a nice widescreen monitor. WordPress in their vain attempts at updating the formally centre-aligned editing GUI made it go on the left. I could stand the random colour changes and button replacements, but now my editing box is shoddily small!

Way to go. Not even an option to make it “widescreen friendly” – but ho, I can have as many lines as I like! Yay, if I had a monitor that was, you know, tall! No option for width however, or to make it centred.

Anywho, I’ll look for some plugin or other, there must be something to fix this mockery. I suppose at least now it has Gravatars built in, and it forced me to update a few other things, and break other things of course, and move a lot of things around.

Note to all websites: and this until recently included BBC News, Left Alignment websites suck, even if there is no “CSS for it” or whatever, you are bad enough for making website fixed-width. Anything but centred is a tragedy on most monitors nowadays, feel ashamed!

Hooray for whining! 😀 I’ll get back to posting game related things once I get some more of my project completed.

Edit: I found Admin Big Width to help a bit with the wordpress admin panel width problem, thank goodness. Still shouldn’t need a plugin, but oh well.

URL/redirect rules for WordPress and MediaWiki together (Part 1)

This is a big pain. Part 1 because I didn’t get it working tonight. I’ll try again when I’m more sane! This is of interest to me, mainly, and possibly anyone else battling against WordPress’s automatic redirects to make readable URL’s, and then getting them to cooperate with any other system files.

WordPress is being used to host (most) of the pages, and journal content. It is “installed” in the folder /journal. However, only the journal archives (such as this post) is stored here in URL form – the other pages, such as Work and so forth, are “fake” url’s. I’d prefer them to stay that way, and I could always have the /journal content in the root folder if I wanted. (Read on for what I’ve done) Continue reading URL/redirect rules for WordPress and MediaWiki together (Part 1)

SSL certificates

I decided to get an SSL certificate for my website when I got the domain. My host had a deal on, so I got it due to having a need to process at least some data somewhat more securely then plaintext.

With a combination of htaccess rewrite rule foolishness (of which I am trying to work out this evening, and will post on another time) I decided at the time to make the entire site SSL for the time being. I’ve only just started checking this again, since I want to try and get WordPress and Mediawiki working together somehow.

There are some pro’s and con’s for this I’ve come up with, and by the end of the evening I’ll probably have turned off mandatory SSL and put a quick page up on SSL in case anyone wants to use it, since I will myself carry on using it anyway. (Read more for details on pros and cons) Continue reading SSL certificates

Starting a journal site from scratch

I’ve decided to start writing my own site properly at last, starting on my birthday. Hopefully this’ll be a collective area for my thoughts and any useful news for others about things I get up to.

One painful thing so far is finding a way to start a website. After a bit of hassle I’ve got the latest version of wordpress running, and a theme from the wordpress themes website.

I also tried to integrate Gallery2 for private use. Luckily I could install it via. cpanel installed on my host, since my host doesn’t allow all the editing rights it usually needs.

Finally, I intend to fully make my own theme, add to wordpress so I can edit my site independently of its system since I have several sub project pages I wish to create with sub-journals of news – or another solution that works.

I also decided to go with an SSL certificate. I have a few private password protected areas which I run and want to keep secure, and the site might as well benefit from this. This means I will be using, and for those who like the purer non-www version, I can’t do that without upsetting what your browser sees as my valid site address, oh well!

I’ll be looking at if it is worth keeping the main site as SSL-only. Apart from not being cached by proxies I don’t see any reason why it’d not work fine. If anyone has a problem with it though I think I could separate the SSL and not-as-private parts.

Hopefully this journal will be useful. I will likely not mention the word much but here goes; I don’t particularily like the word “blog”, so I’ll refer (to much like for me) so its my journal. Either way I am sure everyone else uses it (in the blagosphere I am told) so it’ll crop up I suppose.