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A few posts on filming, which I did at University (and hope to start again as a hobby).

the doyouinverts

doyouinverts lyrics! woo!

the doyouinverts are a great comedy videogame-related band, they have some songs up (so I should have linked to them before!) and awesomely played at GameCity, where I captured their awesomeness in sadly, rather poor quality (below). I’ll have to catch them if they tour nearby or do another One Life Left appearance! If you have a chance, download some of their other tracks if you like their sound, I recommend Random Encounter, and although it’s not available to download (yet!) 7/10. Both work really well 🙂 well, more so I got all the references in them I think, some of their others can be called rather obscure without reading the text accompanying the download.

Edit: 7/10 is also up! Yeah! Give that a shot if you have time 🙂

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NaSTA Conference 2008…and the future

All dressed up

I went to the 2008 NaSTA awards – likely my last visit – at the weekend. It was okay – silly, and was close by at least. I’m a cynical git when it comes to thinking what will happen in the future of the organisation (what that it is) however, but I won’t detail that until the end of my little report 🙂 . See also; the gallery, in which I took 200 or so pictures, although I should have discarded some of the duplicates. Continue reading NaSTA Conference 2008…and the future

Never Mind The Polygons #8 video online


I’ve finally been able to get Never Mind The Polygons #8 online, since problems with the Internet Archive with recent maintenance stopped me last week. You can enjoy it (for it is very enjoyable) from the archive in 3 flavours if you’re interested in viewing it:

London Game Career Fair ’07 visit

I visited the London Game Career Fair to do some filming today – I basically did a quick interview about each company (me, being like I am, off camera). Once I get them done they should be up somewhere for download, and I’ll put it on the IGDA forums – and should be useful for people interested in each company, although I don’t ask any tough questions.

Sadly, LucasArts and THQ couldn’t talk without express permission, while Ubisoft had only just recently brought Reflections (who produced Driver and other racing games) from Atari, and rebranded it Ubisoft Newcastle (I think they did anyway…).

I was finished with just about everyone but EA at the end, and so got time to film their 1 hour Q&A about themselves. Sadly, I didn’t have time to make any of the other sessions, since I arrived a bit late.

I also enjoyed talking to several companies about programming, although currently I lack the kind of unique demo which would sell me to them 🙂 some useful information came out of it all however.