Had Enough of Gallery2

My Gallery2 has been always partially borked. WPG2 and Gallery2 just simply don’t like each other. Gallery2 doesn’t like me. WPG2 doesn’t like me. It’s a big mess…

It just means it will take ages to sort out, I’ve got a fair few photos uploaded there (many I should remove just for space reasons to be honest – but most are to do with posts on this site, or pages). It might well be worth it though – note the two Gallery links in the side bar, odd URL’s, the fact it isn’t integrated properly and so forth…

I am not going to move away from self-hosting pictures, however. I want my own control over that – so I’ll look around and see what WordPress integrated, or WordPress compatible gallery installs I can do, without having root shell access (I mean seriously, Gallery2 wants me to run a shell script to clean up it’s old files when I updated it…it seriously is pretty bad). I don’t want to hack the item I’m installing, and I do want it to allow thumbnails in posts (at a minimum – dynamically sized thumbnails would be even better).

Why did this come to a head? Well, Google now thinks I have malware, which for the life of me I can’t figure out. They sent me 3 Gallery2 URL’s, all of which were pretty blank (they were the search page…). It should be fixed now, since Gallery2 was out of date.

Time to get looking…hmm, this will take a while too. I’ll cut down some of the pictures I uploaded (likely in dimensions at the very least – the original MP size of my pictures was very large), but the main thing is re-linking thumbnails, adding metadata, doing the same or similar structure, doing the rotations…it’s a ton of work.

Finally it also means a ton of broken URL’s. Luckily I barely linked to my gallery off site, since it was atrocious to link to anyway, so mainly it is finding them in my posts. This should be relatively easy with a search. Fixing the thumbnails won’t be as easy, and be a lot more manual labour.

If anyone has any ideas – again, a self-hosted, WordPress compatible (ie; thumbnails + links) with hierarchies and resizing on upload, that’d be a great help!