Wright AI likes airports, I hope mine will be a bit more varied

I’ve decided to finally get into OpenTTD’s AI, and after some failed attempts got the build available to compile on Windows, since annoyingly no build is done automatically for the win32 platform. In any case, I’ve got the tutorials up and running, and it should be interesting. Since the game itself is passive-competitive, with players facing off against AI’s (with multiplayer available too), and the AI uses the same “interface” for commands, it is quite an equal game. That is, once the game’s inherent AI cheats are removed perhaps 🙂

If I get anything good going, I’ll post more on it. I prefer some personality rather then milking routes with a ton of vehicles doing the same thing. I’ll have to keep up with builds however, since it’s not a complete API yet, sadly, and there will be complexity abound with players and AI’s being able to build across routes, and alter terrain as parts of a route is built.

2 thoughts on “OpenTTD AI”

  1. I slowly did work on it last year, but quite honestly, now I’m waiting for the latest version of the game to be out of beta so I can get into the game again properly. Then I’ll probably delve in.

    I think most of the custom AI’s do make money reasonably well in fact. I’d be a more low-key player of AI – trying to make something that plays to my level and not be too insanely powerful at building, heh.

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