Whew, Final Year Project Finished

The Track

So, I’ve not done much over the last few weeks, apart from my final year project work. I handed in my report on Tuesday, missing the bank holiday to do more on it 🙂 Not a work of Shakespeare, and frankly I could have done with more proofreading. However, I can’t change it now, I just hope it states what I did well enough. 😉

The project itself is meant to achieve the aim of having a remote control car race around a track (as seen in the picture). I didn’t really do “AI” as such, but instead some simple rules to choose an action every second or so. The limitations of the hardware, it being a 1 core P4 machine with 512MB RAM meant that the 2 years of previously completed projects used enough resources anyway! Adding learning AI would have been tough.

The rules system worked fine however, the illusion of AI is there 😉 It also took a lot longer to bring the parts of the system that were required to gather information – image processing and analysis (to find the car and it’s direction), and route planning using waypoints (to find where to go next) – then it took to write rules to navigate around accurately. It got 10 laps completed easily, so I am pleased enough. 😀

I’ll get back to my radio show for the rest of the semester now, and I might put up a page on my project with the code and so forth. Also, Never Mind The Polygons is on tonight, which I might have had to miss if my project was still being worked on 🙂