Consolevania at the IA

I’ve been working on getting Consolevania on the Internet Archive, which I finished today. Now you can download all the episodes off the archive’s servers, located here. This is good, because I really enjoy Consolevania and it is a really worthwhile piece of videogame show history. Certainly anyone who can appreciate the (UK-orientated) humour, characters and sketches can also enjoy the reviews, which come thick and fast.

It even has gone onto the BBC with VideoGaiden, although the archive obviously cannot host any copies of those files, some people do mirror them. VideoGaiden is a little more toned down, and self-referential, but has higher production values (sets! costumes! graphics! a man going “Gaiden”!) and are really worth watching. They are doing another season, so I will avidly wait for the streaming video at the BBC site.

I am glad they allowed it to be preserved, and hopefully more people can enjoy the earlier episodes (the originals were not available via. HTTP, only bittorrent). It is almost an institution, certainly in Scotland, and certainly is popular enough on the internet – and more episodes are being made.

They also have done a Scottish Gaming Industry fluff piece, which is actually surprisingly in depth in places, and sums up some of the benefits and problems of being in the gaming industry in Scotland from people in the industry, along with some humorous moments, and much rushing around since they did it in the space of 3 days. Seeing it at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival screening was certainly worthwhile.