I finished playing Psychonauts today, and it was a very good experience. Spot on humour, and while I didn’t have the impetus to collect everything, the game was in a word: fun. That is, except for the last few very difficult levels (if you’ve played it, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Great characters, and level design for the most part, and great dialogue too. The reason I played it was because of The Escapist’s gaming roundtable (which I obviously missed). (Read on for a bit more about it and some spoilers).

It is completely worth buying in my opinion if you enjoy a brilliant and quirky story/setting, and can stand platformers and typical platformer bosses (although officially now “out of print” I got a copy from Amazon), and I hope in the future there is some kind of “Psychonauts 2”, since the game ended with another story starting…a shame it sold poorly, possibly due to the game’s design targeting a odd niche of platform skill (no difficulty levels in the game), which had me, a non-platformer native, a bit annoyed at times.

However, the levels that included conspiracy theories about a Milkman, battling Napoleon, fighting a play critic and changing sets, racing through a disco with levitation, and doing battle as a huge “Goggalor” monster in Lungfishopolis against a equally large monster who shouts what their attack does in a very comical fashion (such as “Large hard to avoid area attack!” “Multiple punch attack!”) were all bloody amazing, and very fun!

I’d recommend the PC version because it looks quite stunning on it for the most part, and the controls seem like they were perfected for the PC keyboard and mouse combo. However, widescreen support isn’t 100%, as all the GUI and movies (of which there are quite a few to interlink scenes) are stretched – but still look fine, and the game itself works and looks great in widescreen.

Double Fine Productions:


You well deserved the praise you got for this game, and then some from me 🙂

I also grabbed out of the game files all the credits pictures, which for anyone who has played the game will remind them of some fun stuff. they fly by a bit quick in the credits, I might upload some screenshots at some point too, although I missed some great chances to grab some. Feel free to check them out here:


And related to this, the brilliant Zero Productions (aka Ben Croshaw) did a wonderful look at the game too!