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the doyouinverts

doyouinverts lyrics! woo!

the doyouinverts are a great comedy videogame-related band, they have some songs up (so I should have linked to them before!) and awesomely played at GameCity, where I captured their awesomeness in sadly, rather poor quality (below). I’ll have to catch them if they tour nearby or do another One Life Left appearance! If you have a chance, download some of their other tracks if you like their sound, I recommend Random Encounter, and although it’s not available to download (yet!) 7/10. Both work really well 🙂 well, more so I got all the references in them I think, some of their others can be called rather obscure without reading the text accompanying the download.

Edit: 7/10 is also up! Yeah! Give that a shot if you have time 🙂

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Beyond Good and Evil 2, yay!


Good News Everyone! Beyond Good and Evil, a very charismatic little platformer (which I checked if I wrote about, but only did a incomplete draft post about but never published 😉 ) from way back when, is getting a well deserved sequel. I’m most pleased, since most of the time my want for less sequels 🙂 Nice screenshots and also teaser video, although I prefer to hear more on the story and characters to be honest. The setting looks interesting, for what a desert can be I suppose. The initial universe and setting is not really fully explained in the original game, so it’d be good to see more places in it 🙂

If you can find it now, it’s still pretty damn good graphics wise compared to some from the era, and some parts are very fun, and likely as note cheap as chips in the local game store selling second hand games. Or Amazon has it probably, whatever 😀 You’ve no excuses 🙂

I now just really hope it’ll be out on PC, even if it’s a post-console release. 😉 Ubisoft isn’t too bad at PC releases, so I can but hope.