This Year In Game AI

Take a journey through the past 12 months in the games industry, and find out where artificial intelligence is becoming a key technology for modern games.

Speakers: Phil Carlisle (Indie Developer at MindFlock Ltd. and veteran programmer on the Worms franchise), Alex Champandard. summary.

My Thoughts

Brief, concise overview of a few games and what talks might relate to them, linked to where I noted the names.

Talk Content

1) Left 4 Dead 2’s bots for survivors

  • Interesting as symmetrical to player situation
  • Looked at tomorrow morning

2) Simulation Games

  • Touch Pet Dogs is really popular
  • Need the AI to drive the simulations, Bruce Blumberg talk later today.
  • 3) Complex Environments

    • Mikko Mononen, Local navigation – pathfinding issues
    • Alex talking about this too

    4) Online/social games

    • These, especially AI simulated ones, are good since people can play them forever
    • Also caring what is there
    • New places to go there too
    • Online also allows data mining if improving the game after release. AI can play a role in the data mining.

    5) AI for non-character gameplay

    • AI director; Left4Dead, Resistance, Silent Hill
    • Also data mining again
    • Gwaredd Mountain, Silent Hill talk
    • Design Tips & Tricks from the Trenches

    6) Crowds

    • Continuation of crowd AI and social simulations, Heavy Rain, Modern Warfare 2

    7) Content creation

    • How do you make things that seem hand crafted but are procedurally generated?
    • MMO released recently using procedurally generated levels
    • Need to build AI for level designers.

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