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Late Resolution to Update Site


Yeah, I’ve not done too well this January. I have a few drafts, but need to really finish them (screenshots are involved, which take a while). I’ll have to nail down a good schedule for posting new things – certainly recommending things I like is something I’ll continue to do (I rewatched some of Haruhi Suzumiya today, go watch it! 😉 ), but I want to do some more technical posts, not just on my technical problems, and certainly some programming ones. Finally, I do want to do more on videogames – old ones (which I need to do more on!), new ones, thoughts on them and so forth.

I think two main posts a week is a good idea. No real pressure with this kind of vagueness, and also, I intend to do more miniposts (which appear as normal posts in the RSS feed though), such as Interesting Old Bookmarks I find, and other odd things I come across. Call me out if I’m really doing a load of crap, although this is honestly all for my own amusement and a nice journal of what I’m up to – my own little piece of history for my own enjoyment (since my memory is a sieve sometimes, this is also useful!)

I don’t have any other resolutions really. I don’t aim to not have any, I just am pretty happy with what I’m already doing (although I must admit I should go swimming much more often…). I wonder if anyone else is the same, saying “Well, it’s a new year, why do I have to change just this month? why not other months?” 🙂