Recompressing my Zip/RAR files with 7zip En Masse

I decided to relearn some batch file basics (since I hadn’t got anything else handy) to recompress a ton of ZIP and RAR files into 7zip format. I didn’t find a good example of this, so made it into my own little tutorial (given I don’t have any other place to stick the page yet anyway) if I ever have to learn the stuff again 🙂 Might be useful for anyone else recompressing things though or learning some batch file basics maybe. No doubt could be easily altered for other compression programs or other types of 7zip compression anyway, so I should find use for it in the future 🙂

I also altered my sidebar layout – no more subpages will be there, but they’ll pop out if you click on the category. One thing I can’t fix on this site is the WPG-2 stuff, gallery links should be to /gallery, but /gallery-2 keeps on being used for the thumbnail links, sigh. Will have to fix that one day and integrate my gallery better. 🙂