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Women in Games Day 2


Iโ€™ve written up/added all my notes for the Women in Games, Day 2, again no pictures sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ Some really good stuff today, look out for the panel discussion too at the end of the day, a lot of good points brought up.

Day 2 – September 11th

Women in Games Day 1


I’ve written up/added all my notes for the Women in Games, Day 1, which are usually brief – would be better with slides (or at least some of my pictures of slides), which might be available later, but in any case I’ll upload my pictures to the articles when I’m back home. Day 2 and 3 will come as I write them up and my laptop battery lasts!

Day 1 – September 10th

Visiting the Women in Games Conference

I decided to go to the 2008 Women in Games conference, on this week, a while back. Apart from being game related, the organisation was recommended by my GDC mentor Neil Kirby, which I missed a meeting of at GDC due to the clash with the GDC Awards (which of course I’ve never attended). At least once I’d like to visit the majority of the conferences around the world, since there’s a great breadth of knowledge I’d love to take in at them (at the moment, I also have the time to do this! in the future, probably less so).

Anyway, it was relatively cheap and has a great aim. There was, in my year in Computer Science at Loughborough exactly zero girls – an anomaly we were told, but there we go, the percent is rarely double figures. After meeting so many great Develop volunteer and GDC Scholarship girls, it seems a real shame to not see more making games, or doing the technical roles in industry – if in the future I’m in a position to change it, It’d be nice to know now. “Male, Computer Science Graduate” might be not who this is aimed at, but I think it’ll be more interesting then some other conferences I’ve been to.

I’ll post up anything interesting, and see about pictures. At the very least it’ll be something more relaxing then learning C++ right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Back from Brighton


I’m back, with many a photo and note on what I went to at the Develop conference this year. Helping out was good, with better start times and organisation this year. I’ll post up all I can over the next few days, there was some really interesting things that are worth noting. My notes won’t be as brilliant as a few of the Gamasutra writeups – I might invest in some kind of audio recorder next time and use that, if the conference organisers allow it, since it’d make it a lot easier to record quotes since the sessions are not recorded.

Going to Brighton Again


I’ll be at the Brighton Develop Conference for the second time volunteering all next week. If I have the internet, I might make nightly posts, but probably my hotel won’t have wifi or more likely I won’t have time. There’s a lot more going on this year out of hours, so I really hope I’ll be busy to be honest ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll take some pictures and see if I can’t note anything interesting down. There’s a few game AI talks, one being a keynote, and I am sure to see many other interesting things. Keep an eye out in a weeks time ๐Ÿ™‚

No VGMS – I’vz Hot A Vloody Gold

Stupid illness has me by the nose, so a radio show is out of the question. I hope to be back next week – last time before exams, and a bank holiday! (Yay for holidays! It’ll be even more fun when I have work on those days ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

This week I’ll be mostly going to the Imperial College Games and Media Event on Wednesday, which I’ll also report here. It’ll be an interesting day – and there is an AI talk I’ll be interested in hearing. Hopefully my ruddy cold will clear up a bit before my early train journey.

GDC08 Notes – AI Roundtable day 3 (AI for Beginners)

Me looking more moody then I felt, honest ๐Ÿ™‚ (Dave Mark’s picture)

The final AI roundtable on Friday was AI for Beginners – we were in one room again, but it wasn’t as crowded. Some varied questions asked (not all of them for beginners, but a lot was explained for those that were). Dave Mark put up notes and audio from this roundtable too, if you want a better set of notes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading GDC08 Notes – AI Roundtable day 3 (AI for Beginners)

GDC08 Notes – AI Roundtable day 2

The left of me

So day 2 of the AI roundtables was a lot easier, although for some reason I didn’t use my laptop to take notes, sigh. This day, we did split into two rooms – I covered the “Action / FPS genre” side, while Dave Mark covered the “RTS / RPG” side. It’s tough to divide this day up (having read about past years), but I think if it was made into “strategic high level” and “actor” divisions, it might make more sense. TBS/RTS is just too different to FPS / RPG AI for the most part, but I digress (and it’d mean too many people in the actor side ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Continue reading GDC08 Notes – AI Roundtable day 2

GDC08 Notes – AI Roundtable day 1

1057Right side of the room

This Wednesday roundtable was meant to be in two rooms, sadly, we got only one. However, a lot of discussion was had, and I got 3 pages of notes from it. These notes are somewhat hard to follow, but are pretty much in linear order of what came up. For some more notes, see Dave Mark’s grand offerings, with audio too! Continue reading GDC08 Notes – AI Roundtable day 1