Guess the Sound Quiz! Round 2 Answers

Round 2: Guns, lots of guns

Can you imagine how many shots have been fired in first person shooters? Hear these clips and try and guess the weapon and game.

Sound 2a


If you don’t know the original Doom’s BGF9000 sound, glory in its destructive power now 🙂

Sound 2b


This noise is from the Sunken Colony in Starcraft, one of the Zerg’s primary defensive buildings.

Sound 2c


Unreal Tournament has an Instagib shock gun variant in each game. This one is specifically Unreal Tournament 2004.

Sound 2d


The original Command and Conquer shared sounds with Red Alert – the classic “tank bullet” shot should be recognisable if you’ve ever played a multiplayer game of either. This was taken from the original game.

Sound 2e


Portal’s now famous Aperature Science Handheld Portal Device is pretty distinct – lets hope it gets a sequel, or is put into the Half Life world 🙂

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