Mama Ludens: Interviews with women who play

Jessica Enevold

Jessica Enevold, Visiting Assistant Professor, IT University of Copenhagen; (Jessica presented, the others were not present) Charlotte Hagström, Assistant Professor, Lund University and Espen Aarseth, Associate Professor, IT university of Copenhagen

My Thoughts

My notepad came into play here, so excuse the poor notes. An interesting talk about mums who game, why and when they do 🙂 – I got more pictures for this of the slides though, so if they’re not uploaded I’ll put them up to help.


Mums as Gamers. Starting the project – to start did face to face interviews (since it is only in the preliminary stages, being run in the University of Copenhagen).
– Gaming sites for the interviews documented in pictures – gaming machines integrated into the standard space and not a separate room.

3 Interviewees (picture of the slide explains who they are) – one note, the one who plays GoSupermodel uses her daughters account.

They play to relax, etc. – one even quite liked Woflenstien when it came out! (More slides here)

Conclusions: Important to look at different games: playing Mahjong isn’t the same as playing World of Warcraft. Also need to expand the questions asked; how did they start playing?

Brought up via. Questions:

Joining in games with the children to be brought up is another angle of gameplaying.

Having a timeline of kids to adults and beyond would be useful and now possible, and is another area to investigate. At least getting what they state is their timeline would be useful.

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