IBM’s INNOV8 and PowerUp

Kevin Farrar

Kevin Farrar, Programme Manager, IBM Academic Initiative, NE Europe, IBM Hursley Software Development Laboratories

My Thoughts

Actually this brief presentation was interesting in showing off the practical serious game, and a brief bit on IBM’s schools app which is in progress I think. Interestingly was headed by a women, and the entire thing started off a competition.


Kevin Farrar – working from North East Europe down to South Africa. Developing the skills in schools which IBM want to see for job applicants.

Innov8 – A BPM (business process management) Simulator – managing a process. Smart SOA – an architechtual style, connecting methods to build something.

Essential skills for bridging the gap between IT people and business people. Opportunity to build skills through gaming. This was brought up by a IBM competition by UNC and DUKE schools of business.

Phaedra Boinodiris (who runs heads the team that won the competition. Won the contest hands down. VP who ran the contest at IBM was very impressed.

Objectives was to teach them about the skills needed. A 1 hour serious game, aimed at MBA’s, Exec MBA’s, business students and so forth. Of course only a part of the course, there is also the software that IBM actually uses in the Universities, and course material. The material and game was provided free of charge to the institutions teaching it (it can’t be sent out for general people, since there are support issues).

Was well received and well launched – won an award too.

Looking at the cast, Logan, main character, is female (was going to be a choice – and previous project was a man…blah blah blah, then Phaedra said “I run! Of course it’ll be a women!” 🙂 ). 4 of the 6 cast members are female. Yes, apart from the male CEO, the other man is a geeky business analyst.

Has in-game tools in 2D based on real world tools, while the world is 3D to explore. Question/answer interviews to refine the business model. 3 levels – get requirements, implement changes, process monitoring/management.

Finally; Powerup game for schools is in progress – – can download it to see it. Second Life is also being used for tech briefing and is being explored more.

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