‘Diagetic Media’ – Beyond First-Person Shooters

Ana Kronschnabl

Ana Kronschnabl, CEO, FluffyLogic

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Another short session, about how a game should take advantage of other media to extend the story beyond the normal barriers of a 10-hour linear game. Interesting background of films, and certainly would be worth doing more in games.


There is a divergence and convergence of media right now. Phones playing films, etc. are convergence but divergence because one thing is playable on many platforms (so what platform do you mean?). Films and games are half-siblings, with fallings out as normal.
Game movie tie-ins are the “worst movie games ever”. Films you sit back and enjoy the experience and stories. Get drawn into the plot, characters and story. Games are younger, need interactions so some knowledge of the rules and inputs to play the game so needs some initial learning.

Diageses in film – what goes on outside the camera (Before/after the on camera events), is as important to work on as the on-character characters and plot. Glimpses a fraction of the conflict – as in cloverfield – showing the monster in bits and pieces, but much more beyond that. It is the totality of events.

A larger diagetic world at the start of the creative process would be a good idea. Additional media to complement the game for instance. In films, it is everything essential to understand the world and story and make the world comprehensible. For games it might be that in a greater sense.

The Matrix series works on this well, with comics, short films and the Animatrix changing the continuity and chronological order, and expanding the narrative space outside of the 3 films.

Savage Moon adds on narrative on top of the game and expands the whole of the game. Taking into account an expanded narrative and world from the beginning is important.

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