Women in Games 2008


The Women in Games 2008 conference didn’t just concentrate on the issue of women getting jobs in the game industry, or how to balance the workforce. Issues brought up included the state of serious games, and some analysis of particular games people worked on with special attention to those with broad appeal (such as Singstar and others), women gamers (including mothers, and skinners), and the state of women in games abroad (such as in Iran), kids and gaming, psychological research, industry research and many other topics.

Most of these are brief notes from the conference (I’m sorry if I missed important points, I need to hone my note taking skills!), set up in the conference proceeding order. The pictures are not too good, next time I’ll be brave and use my flash (although in the ones I used flash it wasn’t much better, just darker since I was so far back. Need to get nearer too!).

Day 1 – September 10th

Opening Welcome
The host building at Warwick

Day 2 – September 11th

Elineen Brown Keynote
Panel Talk

Day 3 – September 12th

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