The IGDA AGM had it’s moments of praise and criticism from people, apologies and thoughts of the past and future. Not really a meeting, more a slideshow then Q&A 🙂 Most of these notes are the Q&A.

Darius actually has videos from the meeting for those interested.


Advocacy – why can’t the IGDA say the companies forcing higher work hours is wrong? More talked advocacy wasn’t telling members what jobs to take.
Ironic Epic wasn’t called out and Unreal is on our t-shirts this year 🙁

We have committee’s? Corey heading up chapter one?

Events – Presence at events outside the USA…perhaps.

International presence – not really covered… 🙁

Question on the credibility of the IGDA if it doesn’t take a stance.
– Um, no real response – this was a bit hazy I recall (see videos)

Credit thing – just wondering, is the logo trademarked?

Value – ACM, IEEE – give discounts for each other. If you go to conferences the IGDA stuff is worth it, but if not…ACM – $50 to access the library.
– Might try and steal some ideas from these organisations
– Sponsors, local discounts, etc.
What about research and openness from the industry as part of the advocacy?
– Production SIG, casual games website too

Best practices for QoL for new or existing studios to better communicate the managerial desires

Perhaps board members should be separate unless they say they are speaking on behalf of the IGDA.

The QoL stuff died and needs people to step up.

A big problem with having 6 sentences to elect the board members.

Suggestion about crunch – extend an invitation to a debate about crunch – and why they feel crunch is necessary. If they don’t, they think their policies are indefensible.

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