Anti-Censorship and Social Issues Committee

This was pretty interesting, I have a thing for keeping track of censorship issues – videogames have real issues in many countries as being at least as accepted as films.

Some pretty basic notes (and no pictures, sorry).


Daniel Greenberg running it – ACSI -at-

Previously the committee provided a ESRB cheat sheet from previous feedback since developers didn’t know what the ESRB rated, rather the marketing department did it. The ESRB made one round of revisions since this was done and it needs updating now.

Put the cheat sheet on the IGDA website.

PEGI system is out in the open and available.

Best Practices Document

Better information for the industry – a document about what the causes of violence are, debunk some of the myths. Stress the rights of creative people in the business are. Stress what the responsibilities of the industry is.

Rapid Response Groups

Legislation comes up and testifying to the state or local councils and governments.

M rated games a hindrance? No, a great many games are high selling if M rated.

So whats the problem? AO – which a lot of the things are cut down to get an M when it would be just an R in movies.

Lots of problems with laws trying to be passed to restrict games. These are being fought.

Developers could come forwards about their vision. But marketers don’t want this to happen.

Australia – no 18 rating
Britain – Bannings
Germany – Problematic laws

Ezra German Censorship


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