GDC 2009

The Game Developers Conference 2009, held from the 23rd of March to the 27th of March 2009 in sunny and windy San Francisco, was pretty good! 🙂

I detail my days there in this category of posts. I had my own session at GDC – the Student Mixer (I’m on there too, not my best picture).

These are my notes from the conference, made generally for me, so yes, not the best written prose or whatever. The bulk are from the AI Summit on Monday and Tuesday, then a scattering of different sessions on Wednesday through Friday. They are not nicely typed up, most vary between first and third person for instance, and might have the odd error or two (contact me if so). I’ve put a brief bit on my thoughts on each session too 🙂

I’ll try and find the slides on the GDC Vault for each one, where written slides are available for free (yes, thank goodness – that note wasn’t there when it first appeared! 🙂 ).

Monday – AI Summit Day 1


Tuesday – AI Summit Day 2

Wednesday – Anti-Censorship, Open World Life and AI Roundtable 1

Thursday – AI Roudntable 2, IGDA AGM, QoL, Gaming Press

  • Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games Roundtable (2 of 3)Steven Woodcock, Neil Kirby – AI roundtable on a variety of topics. I only got days 1 and 2. This is day 2 🙂
  • IGDA AGM – Some brief notes from this. Darius actually has videos from the meeting for those interested.
  • Quality of Life CommitteeJudy Tyrer – An interesting discussion on what the IGDA can do about QoL issues.
  • Meet The (Gaming) PressFrank Cifaldi, Brandon Sheffield, Sam Kennedy, Brian Crecente – Some nice information on how to do PR to game journalists, with a little discussion on other things like reviews, news, previews, and other stuff.

Friday – AI SIG Roundtable, Game Preservation, My Student Mixer

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