Abstractions of a meaningless act: (spending) time in the gaming world

By Vanessa Long, Brunel Univesity.

Reading off cards it was hard to get the flow of this talk. Possibly the paper is worth a look, it’s about the meaninglessness of things like virtual items and money or the difference or similarity between real life actions and in game ones.


Games can assume prior knowledge about familiar things such as the spending of money, which helps the illusion of the game.

What if you buy gold from a site? There is a game of meaning breached; exposes the fact that gold is empty. A false economy since in-game money is separate from real money.

Can subvert the emptiness – with Persona 3, there is shooting the player character in the head with a gun – or gun-like object, since it falls short of the expectations to kill the player.

…it kind of went off here, so I left it.


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