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Red Riding and Lost

My TV schedule is pretty empty – maybe a bit of catchup on the BBC iPlayer (such as Charlie Brooker, or comedy), but I don’t really watch much else actively.

However, this weekend I got around to watching the last two parts of Red Riding, a three-part fictionalised drama series based around the Yorkshire Ripper time – the 1970’s and 80’s. Each one was film-length, broadcast back in March, so sadly not online any more. It’s rather nasty material – covering Police coverups and brutality, child kidnapping, serial murderers, and plenty more – but excellently written, if a little bemusing in places. Really good acting, and the stories are not something I’d go back to but don’t at all regret watching. I don’t want to reveal more details since it’ll spoil things, although I fully enjoyed all three, make sure to watch them close together – I watched the first a month ago, and it was hard to remember details – the storyline is kind of continuous but each episode is self-contained, making it more rewarding to watch them close together. If you have a chance to watch it, do give it a shot 🙂

I also am still watching Lost. Lostpedia is a gem for making sense of things, I have to frequently explain things to my Dad, who doesn’t remember things from more then a few episodes ago. 🙂 It is, however slowly “getting there”. Time travel (spoiler! well, not really at this point…) sure is a bitch to make sense of. I very much doubt it’ll be fully explained at the end (there’s enough sci-fi and fiction stuff there that they’d need several years to explain it all), but it won’t be, I think, as bad as the Prisoner when it ends. Worth watching, as long as you go with the flow. It is still entertaining, and that’s what matters to me.

I probably need to find a few more things to watch (although I do intend to buy House at some point and watch more of them on TV) – although my game stack is piling up right now – Mass Effect, Empire: Total War and more Civilization: Revolutions to play!